Agnosia of Omens

by Bacterial Husk

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Debut EP from Boston, MA based death/thrash outfit Bacterial Husk


released September 23, 2016

Kyle W. - Vocals
Mark Richards - Guitar/Vocals
Evan Duplessis - Guitar/Vocals
Pete Sannicandro - Bass
Nick Lazzaro - Drums/Vocals

All music written, composed & performed by Bacterial Husk
All lyrics written by Kyle W.

Recorded, mixed & Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios
Produced by Bacterial Husk

Logo & artwork by Mark Richards /



all rights reserved


Bacterial Husk Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Sculpting the Locust Deity
man once broken
lost phobic bent dementia
man now gluttonous
spoiled putrid sallow cartilage
man so deserving
vile nails lifting shell

the crucible is found
like a halo rusted yellow

mutated empty sockets
deeper pits make filling plots
veins half collapsed
yesterday sinew today is blight
the diadem tells me
build repeat and bloom
the monarch traps me
decrease destroy and melt

this crown – cough the ritual
this plague – miasma dispersed
this rise – carrion essential
engulf – slow rot empire

my minions need no crumbs
they strip them from the infidels
to use later and blackmail the weak
Track Name: Pheromones Diminish
connect genetics to scalpel
and await the ruptured cocoon
fragments splayed atop their wings
and the boning stretched too thin

healer – divider
my membranes splitting
tendrils – collecting

we the creatures
the prodigies the pariahs
if regret is measured
we are overflowing

i augment
plasma flood shallow deluge
i affix
drowning thick amniotic
i mutate
wrenching muscles callous tissue
i mature
isosceles limbs growth reversed

it said destroy
we asked for specifics
it said enough
to sate thirst for acridity
i will take what is mine
if it still comes off of you
Track Name: Leech Carriage
they will succumb
they will hemorrhage
they will see what their faces look like
smeared across the dirt

on brittle crumbled knees
your prayers are salivating faith
inconsolable swaths of drool
the endless parade
of a spreading epidemic
like salt in the air
to a billion punctured lungs

now my days consist of
giving all my parasites
first names and assignment
Track Name: Dismal Shine of Famine
next time we will know
how to replicate genocide
into the body into the soul
of absolute nothingness

fog over pestilent world
the throne of bleeding scarabs
shall walk on visceral slime
and pools of crumbled chiton

drainer – drinker – defeater

burnt – raw - nauseous

masticated sunlight
atrophy evolves
absorbing glow
absolving tarnish

architecture of surface embers
my glimpse for nutrients
shall never reach its quota

once written in darkness
the scraps off our marrow
do taste much better
when sampled with an aching tongue

worship that which I create
that which I ooze and turn to dross
the sycophant to your rapture
the lord of all stagnation
sun wrath saveth me
obey only malady

in slivers of singed morsels
epicure raze the charred veil
arson in a sealed envelope
signed name plump with the ash

see how my failure muscles fall
dropping steady like pinions
still to magnificent heights
this guilt machine shall soar
to skies
they've taken
Track Name: Exalted Through A Vanish Prime
hark the howl of vapors
harangue the many mouths
rejoice as they consume
cower as they desiccate
skeletal the injured collect
hear the dogs pacified
worse in animosity

the mongrels won when starving
marvelously for both iron and resin
two on flesh shredding at sustenance
three in desecration
gaze of the swarm god

thirst for vitamins
vulture for meaning
it must be this hunger recanted
where these trails of numbing ants
keep scuttling over uncooked meat

cylinders of massive ulcers
hereby regarded as an abscess
partial clots festering upon sores
first for pleasure
last to receive

what a discourtesy to hear the murmurs
for one pound of stress is evenly matched
with grace smashed into multiple pieces
he knows attrition is half the scale
balance is torment
ashamed of equilibrium

my body comprised of devoured slops
condensed within cages
of thorns and disabled bones

is it larvae
or is it luminous
his dirge hangs dead on slabs
his true purpose soon revealed